Working in conjunction with premiere ecologists, civil engineers, and construction consultant teams, Braid.Work creates thoughtful and informed habitat restoration plans that appropriately integrate humans and our natural environments. We believe that by creating an emotional connection to our native landscapes our communities will continue to protect and preserve these fragile spaces.

Our team has experience in designing restoration plans for various habitat types including wetland, river restorations, grasslands, tidal marshes, vernal pools, riparian corridors, and woodlands. We also specialize in the removal of heavy metal loading, the remediation of acid mine drainage, manufacturing waste, oil removal, and other forms of heavy contamination.

In partnership with Developers, Architects, Civil and Structural engineers, Braid.Work creates affordable yet stunning solutions for large-scale podium and mixed-use development projects. Our solutions capitalize on the vertical space of a building through the design of luxurious rooftop lounge and dining spaces, enhanced balconies, elevated pools & recreation spaces, and engaging streetscapes.  These complex landscape solutions are the future for incorporating outdoor living into dense urban spaces.

Elegant design aesthetics partner seamlessly with ecologically saavy design solutions to create modern and unique landscapes for our independent homeowners. Ranging for small scale properties to multi-acre estates, we create viable outdoor living spaces that are engaging, restorative, rejuvenating, productive, and ecologically sound. Our fully custom design solutions are created with the individual homeowner in mind- catering the best design solutions to their lifestyle, budget, and stages of life.

Braid.Work designs public parks and open spaces to enhance the everyday lives of people, protect native habitats, and to provide rejuvenating and enlivened public spaces. We do this from an understanding that public parks and open spaces are landscapes that are vastly diverse and need to be inclusive to a variety of user groups and functionalities. Our parks provide an essential recreational resource, from creative play to quiet trails in the forest, in a way that harnesses parkland for stormwater management, urban agriculture and habitat enhancement. In short, we connect communities physically and spiritually to the natural environment.

Conserving and honoring culturally significant landscapes is of utmost importance to us at Braid.Work. We collaborate with local municipalities, tribal communities, and independent land owners to ensure that the land continues to be utilised under its original intent.  Yet, these landscapes meet modern conditions through the use of water-saving irrigation techniques, integration of native plant species, enhanced lighting solutions, and code-driven circulation solutions.



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